About Us

Vito Foggetti - The Nintendo Fanboy
Picture I have fond memories from when I was a kid playing Super Mario Bros. with my dad, lying on the floor under the coffee table with my NES plugged into my old wooden Phillips TV.  I think that’s where this all started…
This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I didn’t actually have that many games as a kid do to that my parents could not afford it. My parents suggested to me instead of buying a bunch of little dinky toys, that I save up for something more expensive that would have more long term value. So when the Nintendo 64 came out, I took whatever pocket change that my dad would give me after he came home from work to teach me the value of saving. After about and year and a half I had enough saved up to buy an N64.

As I grew older, I decided that I wanted to own all of the Nintendo systems that I dint get a chance to play as a kid that I didn’t have already. My collection of consoles began to grow and through researching and word-of-mouth. I discovered that there were many more obscure consoles that I had never even heard of. I knew I had to have them all! I found a job that allowed me to make enough money so that I could continue buying more consoles and it was then that my collection habit started to grow in earnest.

From there, my obsession grew into what it is today. I’m still collecting, but I’ve also turned my interests to starting my own game store. It’s only an online game store right now, but I have the hope of it one day having a physical location where in the old school gamers can come to rediscover the games of their childhood and the younger generation of gamers as well as those newly introduced to this growing medium will come to appreciate the roots of video games.

Well guys thank you for reading my profile and hope you guys enjoy your stay here at the Pixels2Polygons website. 

As always Happy Gaming 
   Vito Foggetti


Val Graceffo-Jagoldas - The Sony Guy

PictureName: Val Ryan Graceffo A.K.A. Val Blade
Console of choice: Playstation 3, Wii(though i still don't have my own Wii yet)

A bit about me: OK lets start this off since this IS a games site, I AM A HUGE GAMER and I love all things games new and old no matter what the console. I am in school for 3D animation with intent on getting into the games development industry. My goal is to be a games director and make the many many MANY game ideas I have. Also as you might guess from me being in an art program I am an artist, I love to draw and I have been getting more into photoshop work (mostly compositing but also some painting) 

My part in this:  Well I am the other brain behind pixels2polygons and I help out Vito as much as possible in making vids and coming up with ideas for things to do on vids. There are tones of things I'd like to do with the show and hope that I can get into working on it more as time gose. Also for this site I will be doing some custom case paint jobs, it's something I've always kinda wanted to try and I'll be starting with my own systems to give all of you a chance to see some examples. In futuer we hope to be able to do custom paint jobs for customers looking to buy the systems Vito has for sale currently or even possibly a method of shipping your system in for a custom paint.

Heather Leach - The SEGA Girl
PictureFrom the suburbs of Toronto, Heather would spend her early childhood playing games like Load Runner and Star Fox on her Apple II and the more obscure game Nanosaur and the ever-favourite Cross Country Canada on the coloured iMacs in elementary school. On her tenth birthday she received her first console, a Gameboy Color with Pokemon Blue and her love of gaming has grow tenfold since.

Years later, she has accumulated many of her favourite consoles and games that she never had the money for when she was younger.

Heather is currently in her 3rd and final year at Seneca College in Toronto, ON enrolled in the Animation program (specializing in character animation for Maya) and may one day end up working in a game studio.

She also put together the majority of this website.